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How to Solve the Problem of Avalon 8 Series Miner Not Working Normally?

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How to solve the problem of Avalon 8 series miner not working normally?
There are many reasons why the miner cannot work. This article will troubleshoot the faults one by one from the accessories to the miners.
Let’s first assume that: now all the miners are powered on and connected to the controller correctly, some miners are working normally (green indicator lights flash alternately). However, some miners cannot work under some AUC (yellow and green indicator lights are always bright).
1. Please check if both ends of the 5Pin date cable of the non-working miner are loose or not connected properly. If it is determined that the connection is good, but it still does not work, please check whether the 5Pin date cable is disconnected. If there is a disconnection, please replace it with A 5Pin date cable.
2. If it still doesn’t work, plug the AUC directly into the non-working miner. If it can work normally, it means that the link port of the previous miner may be faulty. Change the order of the miners (Replace a machine with a problematic Link port to the end.) can be solved.
3. If it still does not work, it means that the control board is defective or not plugged in correctly. You can send the machine (or disassemble the control board yourself) to the nearest repair center for repair.
Let us assume that all miners are powered on normally and connected to the controller correctly. This controller manages multiple AUC arrays simultaneously through the USB HUB, and some miners under AUC normally work (green indicator lights flash alternately). However, all miners under some AUC are not working (the yellow and green indicators on the miners are always on). Before starting the investigation, let’s first understand the function of the indicators on the AUC.
Green light: indicates that the AUC is powered on. If it does not light up, please replace the Micro USB cable, the interface on the USB HUB, or the AUC itself.
Blue light: means that AUC is successfully connected to the controller and can exchange information normally.
1. If the blue light of an individual AUC does not light up, please troubleshoot according to the method that the green light does not light up.
2. If all the AUCs under this controller are not lit blue, please check whether the power supply and network of the controller are normal. If they are normal, try to connect an AUC directly to the USB interface of the controller instead of the USB HUB. If the miner under this AUC can work normally, it may be that the USB HUB is damaged, or the data cable connecting the USB HUB to the controller is not plugged in or damaged.
Red light: Not connected or incorrectly connected to the miner, or in the serial array to which this AUC is connected, the control board of the miner is burned out by the power supply, causing communication errors. The burned control board may cause all miners under this AUC or all miners under this controller to fail to work normally.
Since there are more possibilities, we can investigate the situation step by step.
1. Confirm that the AUC is correctly connected to the miner through the 5Pin data cable, but the red light is still on. At this time, please use the elimination method to reduce the miners in turn (unplug the 5pin data lines between the miners and observe for about 30 seconds) to troubleshoot the problem miners, or use AUC to connect the miners individually.
2. If all the AUCs are always red, please cut off the power supply of the AUC in turn, and observe for about 30 seconds after cutting off each one. If the situation does not change, cut off the next one until the problematic AUC series array is found, and press method 1. To exclude.
The content of this article is from the Internet, compiled and edited by ZEUS MINING.

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