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On the web, recommended point size is between 15 and 25 pixels. With longer line lengths, their eyes have to travel farther across the screen, which makes it harder to track vertical progress as they read down the page. Kerning: This is how much space is between one or more pairs of adjoining characters. Kerning should be adjusted to be more visually pleasing. A great example of this is the letter “V” next to an “A”—due to their shapes they need to be brought closer together than other letters in words A minimalist logo with great tracking.

Design by Tracking Often confused with image manipulation service kerning, tracking is the amount of space between all letters in a word or line of text. Again, this should be adjusted for the purpose of achieving a visually pleasing result. Words whose characters aren’t so close together—or sentences whose words aren’t too near each other—are easier to read. Alignment: This is how margins are set at the ends of a block of text to better distinguish your copy from surrounding elements on a page. Text can be justified, centered, flush left or flush right.

Leading line spacing This is the distance between adjacent baselines of copy (the lines where your characters sit). Leading that’s too close makes your lines of copy look squished and therefore difficult to read. More generous spacing allows your readers to get a much better sense of their reading progress. If leading is too far apart, it creates big spaces between lines, forcing readers’ eyes to travel too much to follow along. Legibility Point size: This is the distance between the bottom of a descender to the highest ascender in a type.


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