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Ecommerce Email Marketing Tips (Plus, Why You Should Be Using Landing Pages)

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We’ve all had it happen to our ecommerce email marketing. You meticulously craft an email campaign that’s gonna help you sell a ton of products. You build a beautiful HTML template, write engaging copy, and A/B test your subject line. You implement an obvious and compelling call to action. And after all that work, the ecommerce landing page that your email directs folks to has a high bounce rate—or worse, a low conversion rate. What gives? It could be that your emails are writing checks your click-through destination can’t cash. If you send out a 15% off promotion for dog treats and link your audience to someplace with no mention of the discount, visitors are gonna be confused—and they’ll lose interest in a hurry.

Bottom line: Failing to match the messaging in your email with the copy and visuals on your landing page will hurt your conversion rate. Maybe you already know it’s a problem, but you feel like you don’t have the resources to pair all of your offers with campaign-specific pages. Fortunately, there’s an easy fix. Here’s why you need to match your emails to Canada Phone Number your landing pages in your next ecommerce campaign, and how you can do it really, really well. Why email recipients aren’t buying what you’re selling Why every ecommerce email should have its own landing page How to match your emails and landing pages to maximize conversions Examples of effective email and landing page pairs How *not* to message match your ecommerce emails The Real Reasons Your Email Subscribers Aren’t Buying Let’s be honest.

Sometimes in marketing, you can get away with doing less—and that’s a problem. Email marketing offers some of the best ROI in the business. When you’ve already got someone’s email address, you can expect them to open 14% of the emails you send, with click-through rates just under 7% overall. Estimates suggest that there’s $44 of revenue generated for every dollar spent on email marketing. With stats like these, you can just half-butt your ecomm email promotions and still do pretty good, right? Not exactly. If your emails are paired with landing pages that have high bounce rates or low conversion rates, you’re not just leaving money on the table—you’re also bombarding your potential customers with marketing that just doesn’t resonate. Here are some of the common reasons email promos underperform.


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