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The Color of Flavors

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Before oranges were known in Europe, this color did not exist. The orange is native to India and from there it came to Europe. The orange tree is an extraordinary tree since it can have both flowers and fruits and this is why it is representative of fertility . Since brides wear white, they use the orange blossom for crowns and bouquets. orange-color-fruit It is also the color with the most aromas and one of the most commonly found in foods: apricots, peaches, salmon, lobster, prawns, carrots, sausages... even some cheeses. When we eat orange-colored food, we always expect it to taste good. orange-flavors-food the wrong color It is based on experience: for years this color was used for plastics. At the beginning of the plastic era, the manufacturers, proud of this new material, decided to give it the only color that no natural material had: orange.

But problems began to exist, the buyer could not choose between different colors and what was even more important, the dyes used to get orange are very toxic. In addition, little by little it has been turning background remove service into the color of danger . The skulls of the toxic substances are orange, as well as the safety vests. Prisoners in some security prisons wear orange clothing, since it is more striking. All this makes it a very unattractive color for fashion and luxury. the color of fun Red and yellow contrast too much with each other, so that they can be associated with fun, however orange, which is in the middle of both, unites and harmonizes.

Blue is the complementary color of orange , the color of spirituality, reflection and calm and therefore orange represents the opposite qualities. orange-social-change Think of Epi and Blas (from Sesame Street, in case anyone is clueless), which of the two is the one with the orange face? Epi of course. Blas, who is the one who is angry, is yellow. If we think of something orange, we will all think of flashy things. The orange associated with fun and sociability , was used in advertising for a long time, to attract attention. In the beginning, a lot of advertising was distributed on orange leaflets or with the letters in orange colors. The result of the large amount of advertising in this color was that orange in advertising was taken as spam , propaganda that we saw and received even if we didn't want to.


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